Conduent views the future

First published at ITS America - June 5, 2019

Bill Tente of Conduent

A visit to the Conduent Transportation booth provides a not-to-be-missed, all-encompassing experience for attendees. Visitors can learn more about the company’s comprehensive solutions technologies – including the DriveSafe enforcement system, which supports the goals of the Vision Zero multinational road traffic safety project. The system provides enforcement for red light, speed, block the box, illegal turn, restricted lane and LPR and combines industry-leading technology and advanced vehicle detection to reduce aggressive driver behaviour, making streets safer without an increase in the workforce.

Visitors can also learn more about mobility-on-demand and accessibility, as well as congestion management by joining Conduent Transportation at the Pathway to Innovations Stage in the exhibit hall where the company’s leaders will discuss these challenges that many cities are facing today.

Over the past 50 years, Conduent Transportation has helped clients advance the way the world travels, as it will demonstrate at the event. As the transportation landscape continues to change, so does the company – evolving to meet the needs of its clients and their end users to help move mobility forward. According to Conduent Transportation, the journey into the future isn’t about a single set of technologies, an individual mode of transportation, or an endless chain of one-off fixes for each challenge that comes along. That’s why the company offers end-to-end key solutions, including public safety, transit, kerbside management, and roadway charging and management, to identify clients’ challenges and create the right set of solutions to tackle them head-on.

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