Paschal’s lightweight Neorast is in top form at bauma 2019

First published at bauma - April 12, 2019

Paschal-Neorast FormworkPaschal’s Neorast light formwork system weighs around 25% less than the company’s Modular system

Paschal says that its Neorast formwork combines the versatility of its tried and tested universal Modular formwork with all the properties of much lighter formwork.

Because the elements of Neorast are small and weigh only 40kg, around 25% less than the Modular system, they can be assembled and moved by two people without a crane or other transport aids. Alternatively, if the formwork is to be transported by crane, the crane attachments of the Paschal’s universal Modular formwork/GE can be attached to the side bars of the lightweight formwork.

A further bonus of the new formwork system is the low frame height of only 7.5cm. This ensures that storage and transport volumes remain particularly low.

Despite weighing less than the Modular system, Neorast boasts significantly higher fresh concrete pressure properties, according to Paschal. At 50kN/m², the fresh concrete pressure is around 40% higher than with the Paschal universal Modular formwork/GE.

Like its sister models Paschal wall formwork LOGO.3 and Paschal universal Modular formwork/GE, the new lightweight formwork features optimum element sorting. The base panel 90cm x 150cm is ideal for the construction of foundations, beams and walls. Thanks to internal tie-points, the panels can be used both vertically and horizontally.

A floor height of up to 3m can be formed with just one extension of elements. The formwork is also supplemented by a 180cm x 300cm large-size element with which even large surfaces can be quickly and economically formed.

Paschal also took the issue of height offset into account in the development of the lightweight formwork. The oblong holes integrated in the frame allow the formwork panels to be offset in height relative to each other.

The firm says it remains true to its principles in the area of plywood and relies on the renewable raw material timber instead of plastics. Neorast is equipped with a 1mm thick, multi-layered and particularly durable birch plywood panel from sustainable forestry.

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