First published in bauma Preview - February 12, 2019

Company name: MARINI S.p.A.
Address: Via Roma, 50 48011 Alfonsine (RA) Italy


Over 3000 asphalt plants sold worldwide. Commercial and after-sales service in more than 150 countries. Asphalt plants production range up to 400 t/h. Recycling up to 100%. Whatever your need, do not hesitate to contact us!


XPRESS 2000, the mobile batch mix asphalt plant: 160 t/h with all components on just 2 trailers. Possibility of recycling up to 40%. Quick and easy installation without crane.

Marini Art_MTMaster Tower technology

A new, innovative technology designed with a clear target: to Think Further, to give solutions, to respect the environment, to provide our customers a real return on investment

Three main benefits provided by the new MASTER TOWER :

HIGH ENERGY SAVING Having 1 burner instead of 2 (Marini patent) and higher efficiency in the heat exchange compared to all the traditional solutions available.

LOW EMISSIONS Thanks to indirect heating of RAP by means of a controlled flow of HOT AIR, re-burning of bitumen particles (Marini patent) and full treatment of emissions (gas and smell).

Marini Art2NEW PERFORMANCES FOR THE USAGE OF RAP : up to 100% of RAP delivered at 160°C. High flexibility with high capacity hoppers for RAP and virgin.

New special mechanical/ manufacturing/ design features of the asphalt plant (Marini patent).

A completely evolved generation of software and control interface manages the system in a precise and extremely reliable way.