Adaptive Recognition lights up enforcement ideas

First published in Intertraffic Innovation News - July 2, 2020

Adaptive RecognitionIt looks like a lightbar – but a very special one. An all-in-one innovation from Hungarian company Adaptive Recognition puts live traffic monitoring to the next level by unifying general police security and high-end traffic surveillance, with vehicle identification – and of course with patrol car lighting.

Having only a lightbar look on the outside, it is truly sleek and undercover, but integrates many cameras and multiple image processing know-how, using its extra-wide 180° live view for ANPR and identifying vehicle brand, model and also colour. Additionally, the recorded footage is perfectly suitable for live face verification, one of today’s trending requirements.

Adaptive Recognition says these features make the unit adaptive to so many challenges: either it is a traffic, law enforcement or even military project, accident scenes, disaster recovery action and more – by simply changing its light mode to constant white or yellow.

Live traffic monitoring faces severe challenges and is extra sensitive to changing light conditions. This is mitigated by automated flash/imaging syncing that complies with both the special ANPR requirements and the regulatory lightbar specifications.

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