DataFromSky makes existing cameras a whole lot smarter

First published in Intertraffic Innovation News - June 11, 2020

RCE IMAGEThe ability to convert all cameras in an existing network into smart sensors is an attractive, and hugely beneficial, proposition. DataFromSky’s Traffic Embedded is at the forefront of a new generation of Internet of Things (IoT) deep traffic analysers. It is fully GDPR compliant, thanks to its on-board real-time processing pipeline. Existing cameras can monitor every single traffic participant, from pedestrians to buses and everything in between.

Traffic Embedded is a smart brain packaged into a small anti-vandal box that can be installed wherever needed, even on an outdoor light pole. Thanks to the powerful AI inside, it extracts rich traffic analytics on-the-fly from up to six connected cameras. The device comes with IP66, PoE, and GPIO ports and is compatible with any type of IP camera with H264/H265 RTSP video stream, converting it into a super sensor by a plug in the cable. The list of applications is huge, including traffic control and monitoring, parking management and people counting with open API and various connectivity options.

The compact unit can be configured and personalised by using DataFromSky’s configuration tool, Flow. This visual programming traffic language allows its users to programme traffic tasks, create their own data dashboard and manage the unit remotely. It automatically measures the speed, stationary and passage time, recognises colour, licence plate, and much more.

DataFromSky says Traffic Embedded with Flow offers straightforward configuration of analytical tasks with drag and drop simplicity and visual representation, enabling rapid and deep understanding of the situation. What is more, it features an open interface to directly turn smart traffic insights into actions – by controlling traffic lights for example.

Traffic Embedded can convert a current camera network into smart sensors.

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