More than just Parkxper PGS: extensions and integrations

First published in Intertraffic Innovation News - July 1, 2020

PARKXPER ADD-20200611Parkxper has once again implemented a parking guidance system for Yongkang Park at New Taipei City. Not only does it provide an automated parking guidance system but it also includes extensions for better security and more effective management.

Starting with the camera-based PGS sensor, which detects space occupancy and recognises license plate numbers at a 99 per cent accuracy rate, Parkxper utilises the camera lenses as surveillance cameras for 24/7 video recording. Dual functions of LPR and security recording offers complete documentation when incidents happen in the parking lot.

Being an essential tool in finding cars in a large parking lot, the car finder kiosk is now equipped with an advertisement feature. When its 42-inch monitor is idle, it can display public service announcements, advertisements, train schedules or weather forecasts.

Convex mirrors placed at corners and blind spots are another essential safety product in a parking lot. Dark and dusty environments could affect the visibility of the mirror, which is why Parkxper uses cameras and monitors instead. Drivers are now able to clearly see oncoming cars around the corner from the monitor.

Parkxper is providing its customers not only a camera-based parking guidance system, but also other all-around extensions to give the customers the best parking experience they will ever have.

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