ProTec 161 – the slimmest H1/W3 road restraint system

First published in Intertraffic Innovation News - June 8, 2020

BERGHAUS PROTEC_161_STREETPeter Berghaus is highlighting the ProTec 161, a slim road restraint system that can be erected without supports. It has been tested successfully, according to DIN EN 1317, with an effective range of W3 for containment levels N2, H1 and L1, meaning more powerful restraint. Containment level L1, with effective range W3, is a solid supplement particularly for the European market.

In order to develop the improved ProTec 161, the standard elements of the tried-and-true ProTec 160 were connected with newly developed central stands that are force-fit and screwed to the 10-metre elements with two additional central bases. This minimises the pressure the crash barrier puts on the contact surfaces, sustainably protecting road surfaces.

The elements of ProTec 160 have been approved for the list of mobile crash barriers, in accordance with TL-TS of the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) since 2010. This crash barrier system has a narrow width of only 25 cm, low weight and the rubber-padded contact surface. As a result, the risk of undesired pressure marks that may be caused when used for longer periods of time on porous surfaces or during hot summer temperatures is reduced.

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