Redflex Red-X solution to feature at next Intertraffic

First published in Intertraffic Innovation News - June 26, 2020

REDFLEXRedflex has announced plans to showcase its Red X lane user management system at Intertraffic Amsterdam next March. Designed as a safety solution for multi-lane smart motorways, the system is currently in use throughout England. It is helping keep drivers, emergency responders and road workers safe when lanes are temporarily closed or speed limits reduced due to crashes, volume, obstructions or roadworks.

Redflex developed the solution in collaboration with Highways England and consultant, WSP. It was rolled out after the UK Government passed authorising legislation in 2018 and remains the only solution of its type approved for English motorways. Whilst it is deployed in more than 100 locations throughout the country, Highways England is currently upgrading existing smart motorway systems to incorporate Red X.

Red X works collaboratively with existing or new overhead signs. When an obstruction blocks the roadway ahead, and the sign indicates that the lane is closed or speed limits reduced, a Redflex camera system mounted approximately 200 metres prior to the signage gantry recognises the change in status. After confirming lane by lane legal requirements, a camera system mounted adjacent to the gantry begins capturing images of violators, all without any human intervention. Because Redflex’s Red X is considered a crucial infrastructure safety component, Highways England’s demands on the system are appropriately stringent. It must perform with very high accuracy in all weather conditions. Red-X has met or exceeded those performance measures over the last 12 months and has operated with less than five per cent downtime. While Red X solves a complex problem, it is extremely interoperable. Redflex is currently talking with other agencies with unique requirements, about deploying this first-to-market solution in their jurisdictions.

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