Roadvista’s 932 versatile hand-held retroreflectometer

First published in Intertraffic Innovation News - July 7, 2020

ROADVISTA 932With the wide array of published standards for retroreflective applications, there are many different geometries in which retroreflection is measured. To address these needs, the RoadVista 932 hand-held retroreflectometer is claimed to be the world’s only fully contained mini laboratory in a portable handheld device. The model 932 allows flexibility without the need for multiple attachments or extra components. Whether users are testing number plates, vehicle conspicuity tape, road signs, or safety clothing, either dry or wet, the 932 makes it easy to tap in the exact requirements and perform the measurement.

The 932 can be used as a stand-alone handheld device, but it is also fully remotely controllable both wired over USB or wirelessly over Bluetooth. The instrument comes with mounting points to integrate it into a production system to automatically collect data in real-time, without any human intervention. This makes it an ideal tool for high volume manufacturing since it can identify manufacturing defects before they become a problem.

One of the most versatile instruments on the market, the RoadVista 932 meets all ASTM, CEN, BSI, DIN and relevant retroreflectivity standards requirements, and has the capability to characterise reflectivity in a multitude of materials. With the flexibility the 932 provides for performance, lab or field functionality and easily retrievable measurements, companies and government contractors are empowered with immediate real-world characterisation for greater insight, improved safety, and increased efficiencies.

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