WPS finds space for parking validation platform

First published in Intertraffic Innovation News - June 3, 2020

WPS helps re-invogorating town centresRetailers and local authorities often clash when it comes to deciding how best to re-invigorate their town centres. Retailers believe that part of the answer is by offering customers free parking; local authorities believe that free parking leads to a free-for-all that is difficult to control and easy to abuse. They also have to fund and manage the limited numbers of spaces that are available.

Both agree that ‘validated’ parking is a possible solution, but the problem has always been the cost, and the challenges at the back end when it comes to collecting what’s owed.

WPS, the parking solution provider, has launched a new parking validation platform that overcomes both of these challenges and more. WeValidate allows any retailer or leisure provider, including hotels, restaurants or attractions, to quickly and easily enroll – online – as a participating validator. There is no contract and participants can choose when and for how long they wish to participate thus removing any administrative hassle for the municipality.

Once enrolled, the participant sets up an account, in a secure environment, and uploads funds to their virtual account via an online payment facility. The participant is then invited to download the validation app (for Android and iOS). The app can be used on a wide range of devices including POS systems, bespoke scanners, tablets, PCs and even smartphones – effectively any device that can scan a barcode and connect to the internet.

WeValidate comes in a complete package, ranging from an app and flexible payment methods to window stickers for participating shops.

The system includes a management ‘backend’ for the local authority to control clients, build reports and provide insights into usage. Participants in turn can also view their account details and history (remaining funds, usage history reports and statistics) and manage passwords etc.

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