CyberLock opens up its CL-TC2L

First published at ITS America - June 7, 2019

cyberlock_0027Mitch Brown of Cyberlock

CyberLock has unveiled its newest CyberLock electronic lock – the CL-TC2L (left oriented) and CL-TC2R (right oriented).

Designed to retrofit into most traffic cabinets, the CyberLock traffic cabinet lock is the ideal solution to ensure the security of Intelligent Traffic System cabinets. The CyberLock traffic control cabinet lock allows users to seamlessly replace existing mechanical locks with a CyberLock cylinder, according to the company. CyberKeys are programmed using CyberAudit software. Software managers can load each CyberKey with a list of locks it may access, schedules of authorised dates and times it may access and a begin-end date range during which the key will operate. Additionally, an audit trail is recorded in both the lock and the key, allowing municipalities to track all access attempts. The audit capabilities increase accountability and help ensure traffic cabinets are being serviced regularly.

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