Gridsmart pedals forward with 19.3 software

First published at ITS America - June 5, 2019

gridsmart_0004Brooke McGee of Gridsmart

Gridsmart’s new software release-19.3-delivers a “quantum leap forward for cyclist safety and intersection efficiency” the firm says. It complies with California MUTCD 2014 Revision 3, requiring signal timing and actuation to consider the needs of cyclists.

Instead of simply proceeding with the basic needs of actuation for cyclists, Gridsmart explains it took a step back and dug to the root of the problem: where do vulnerable road users (VRUs) – cyclists, pedestrians, wheelchairs – need the most protection?

This thought process led the company’s engineers directly to the box junction, the real area of potential danger in an intersection where it is vital to know it’s safe to change the signals. 19.3 provides green extension calls from the box junction only when cyclists and other vulnerable road users are in the box. Gridsmart’s new software doesn’t cater to the slowest common denominator or guess how long a cyclist might take to clear an intersection. It protects the cyclist based on their real-time actions; green time is saved for cyclists that quickly clear the intersection and increased for slower users who require an extension.

According to the company, 19.3 delivers safety for VRUs while maintaining efficiency for drivers and other road users, circling back to Gridsmart’s vision: to improve one billion lives through intelligence.

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