Lanner plugs into certified connectivity

First published at ITS America - June 7, 2019

lanner_0026Attilio Belenchia of Lanner

Lanner is showcasing its new PGN Series LTE Modules at the Annual Meeting. PGN-300 and PGN-600 are pre-certified LTE modules that can be plugged into Lanner´s vehicle and train NVRs using a Mini PCIe slot to offer uninterrupted in-vehicle wireless connectivity over any cellular network. This newly-launched LTE product line is certified with PTCRB and AT&T – and “Verizon and FirstNet certifications are on the way within the next few weeks”, the firm says.

PGN-series modules are external USB dongles inside pre-certified enclosures designed to plug into Lanner´s in-vehicle V3S, V6S and R6S computers. “Systems with pre-certified PGN modules plugged in them do not require re-certification making it a huge advantage for the OEMs,” Lanner insists. “Also by being inside the system, external dongles become more reliable and secure from theft.”

In addition to offering pre-validated NVR platforms and certified LTE modules, Lanner also offers custom-design for platforms with personalised branding for OEMs and VMS providers.

Lanner´s V3S (4x PoE) and V6S (10x PoE) are purpose-built in-vehicle computers and popular platforms for onboard video surveillance applications in school bus, specialty vehicles and mass transit buses.

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