Siemens launches digital lab

First published at ITS America - June 7, 2019

Siemens launched a new digital lab to create innovative solutions to real customer problems.

Based in Austin, Texas, the team is made up of 14 people—including four engineers, four developers, two data engineers, two customer-facing managers, a scrum master and a director. The team is currently working on a connected vehicle pilot that is investigating why vehicles are braking harshly on specific stretch of road.

“Everyone talks about the importance of data but lament data’s impact on real world solutions,” said Laryssa Park, director of the lab. “We want to make sure we are solving something that matters instead of just pushing something out into the marketplace.”

While the Austin lab is new, Siemens has operated another digital lab in Germany that works under the same goal of using data to solve real customer problems. In the two years it’s been open, the German lab has worked on a truck parking pilot and a shared bike dock pilot among other projects.

According to a company spokesperson, Siemens spends more than $1 billion annually on R&D in the US.

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