Sony’s SNC-VB770 4K reaches new level of detail

First published at ITS America - June 7, 2019

sony_0035Kevin Kosch of Sony

“We went in big,” said Kevin Kosch, a solutions engineer with Sony Video Security Products, speaking about the SNC-VB770 4K, an ultra-high sensitivity 4K Network Camera.

By big, Kosch means the 35mm full-frame Exmor CMOS Sensor. The SNC-VB770 4K features top levels of minimum illumination of less than 0.004 lx.

This means that the unit captures exceptionally detailed 4K/30 fps colour video – even at night and in similarly extreme lighting environments, such as almost pitch-black conditions, night-time starlight or indoors with a poor lighting source.

Also, the camera captures blur-less images with its high-speed electronic shutter so users can track letters – characters – numbers and human facial expression clearly in poorly-lit conditions.

Intelligent tracking plus multi tracking can recognise and dynamically track multiple subjects in separate windows, together with its wide-area situational overview. Intelligent coding captures selected areas of interest in maximum detail, while reducing bit-rates in the other areas of the image to save network bandwidth.

The unit can also be located in pan-tilt housing allowing it to scan down freeways and moving objects.

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