Tapco adds Flir thermal-imaging sensors

First published at ITS America - June 7, 2019

Tapco is promoting a new partnership with Flir to distribute its thermal cameras as part of its wrong-way alert and pedestrian crossing systems—adding greater detection capabilities that will lead to safer roadways.

tapco_0044Steve Paulus of TAPCO

The thermal imaging sensors provide two detection zones. When a vehicle enters the first zone, an alert is activated on messaging inside and outside the vehicle. If corrected action is not taken and the vehicle enters the second zone, the police and other authorities are notified of the potentially dangerous situation.

The wrong-way alert systems have been recently deployed on four ramps on the Central Texas Expressway near Austin.

The pedestrian crossing system works similarly. Heat radiating objects like people or animals are detected in multiple zones, triggering alerts and messaging to get vehicles to stop, slow down or reroute.

According to Steve Paulus, a marketing communications manager with Tapco, the systems are agnostic, able to integrate with any DSRC or 5G roadside units without having to rip and replace existing equipment.

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