TrafficVision: make your camera network smarter

First published at ITS America - June 6, 2019

trafficvision_0036From left to right: David Reynolds, Ray Keys and Josh Kissel

TrafficVision is demonstrating an automatic incident detection (AID) solution that was designed to collect the real-time information agencies want from their existing and new highway cameras.

“Our highly flexible, user-defined AID-system enhances operators’ eyes to monitor their existing cameras and continuously detect abnormal situations in traffic, ultimately assisting in making time-critical decisions based on real-time situational detections,” says TrafficVision’s Ray Keys, adding that the result makes cameras smart.

Any agency can instantly, easily and non-intrusively deploy TrafficVision across its network of diverse highway cameras, including pan-tilt-zoom and turn existing video networks into a flexible and smart surveillance community, enabling incident detection and data collection reporting 24/7.

Detection images and/or video clips can be transmitted to the operator or user-defined sets and subsets of users who can then decide on the nature of the incident and how best to respond. This smart technology can easily be integrated into existing ATMS systems or operate in stand-alone mode. Best of all, as the software is enhanced and additional features are added, they are passed along to customers without requiring hardware upgrades. TrafficVision also works with thermal cameras where high accuracy under adverse lighting and weather conditions is desired.

Depending on the view, one camera can monitor multiple lanes of traffic including opposing directions of travel and provide data stamp, incident snapshot and video snippet for analysis and verification of stopped vehicles. This also includes debris or pedestrians on the highway, slowed traffic below set thresholds, congestion, wrong way drivers, low visibility, and other features such as vehicle volumes and speeds, flow rate, lane occupancy and vehicle classification.

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