Cubic ITS reflects strength from acquisitions

First published at ITS World Congress - October 22, 2019

Cubic-JoeCuster-001Joe Custer of Cubic ITS

Visitors to this year’s ITS World Congress will be among the first to encounter Cubic ITS, the new name for the company’s recently acquired Trafficware advanced traffic management systems and Gridsmart video detection subsidiaries, along with its European Intelligent Transport Systems business. According to Matt Cole, president of Cubic Transportation Systems, the move unifies the traffic management brands by providing a single interface for authorities seeking solutions, strengthening its NextCity vision and establishing Cubic as the ITS leader in its core markets.

Trafficware’s former VP and general manager Jon Newhard takes on the same role at Cubic ITS and is replaced at Trafficware by Joe Custer who also takes on strategic leadership.

Jeff Price becomes Gridsmart’s VP and general manager while David Powell continues to manage the ITS business.

Since acquiring Trafficware and Gridsmart, Cubic has added 15 new traffic management customers and expanded into more than 200 new communities with Gridmsart’s traffic systems, boosting Cubic’s ITS business by around 20%.

Custer said the work Cubic has done with authorities in Sydney, including last year’s awarding of an advanced transport management system, was an example of what the new grouping can offer.

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