Geospatial specialist Mapking seeking partnerships

First published at ITS World Congress - October 23, 2019

MapKing International, a specialist in applications of geospatial technologies, is here on Concourse B with a range of proven solutions designed for the intelligent city, with a focus on map-related, cutting-edge mobile and internet applications.

The company’s fleet management solutions, the foundation of logistics and passenger courier services, help monitor fleets and react effectiavely to deviations from schedules.

They also collect information on performance, and can monitor schedules.

Options, including different I/Os, smart card, thermometer, sensors and live CCTV, allow remote views inside or outside the vehicles.

Mapking’s Job Dispatch and Track System (JDTS) is a mobile solution to streamline the daily operational workflow through process automation.

eTaxi/eLorry is Mapking’s on-line platform incorporates several apps designed for high-quality transport and delivery services linking orders with drivers and call centres.

The system runs on Android, iOS, WeChat, and web platforms.

Mapking’s JDTS solution is already operating in several countries and the company is using the ITS World Congress to seek additional partners for its products.

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