Gridsmart pedals huge leaps forward for cyclist safety

First published at ITS World Congress - October 21, 2019

Cubic-Gridsmart-LaurenJochum-001Lauren Jochum of Gridsmart

Gridsmart is here in Singapore to highlight a new software release, Version 19.3 of its cyclist safety system, which it says delivers a significant advance in cyclist safety, providing safe and adequate clearance time for riders to cross busy intersections.

Version 19.3 protects cyclists where they are most vulnerable: at intersections. It sees cyclists into, and all the way through, the intersection, responding with green “go” extensions based on their real-time actions.

As Gridsmart points out, its system doesn’t cater to the slowest common denominator or guess how long a cyclist might take to clear an intersection. “Green time” is reduced for cyclists who quickly clear the intersection and increased for slower users who need more time.

According to Gridsmart, other vendors simply provide long green times whenever they think they see a cyclist at the stop-line.

The company says that long green times are not based on individual cyclists or their path through the intersection, but on statistics meant to protect slower travellers.

When every cyclist is treated as a statistic, green time is wasted for faster cyclists, while the slowest riders might be put in harm’s way.

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