Say it again, proposes NXP for new DSRC standard

First published at ITS World Congress - October 23, 2019

Some of the more interesting innovations being displayed at ITS World Congress are not always obvious – and the NXP booth has a prime example in the form of the 802.11bd display.

The new standard for DSRC communication is currently being formulated, with NPX proposing that it should allow signals to be sent up to four times, so long as other activity allows.

With just a single transmission, any degradation of the signal (due to distance, interference or environmental factors) can mean not all vehicles would receive the message.

However, if the signal can be repeated, the proportion of messages successfully received by other vehicles substantially increases.

But it’s essential any upgrade to the standard must be retro-compatible.

With the example on display, repeating an artificially degraded signal increases the proportion of messages received on existing (802.11p) equipment from less than 10% to more than 30%, while the 802.11bd standard system scores 100%.

According to NXP’s Huanyu Gu, DSRC messages can be received at distances of up to 2km and without the latency inherent in V2X.

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