Ticket to Rytle: delivering on ‘last-metre’ promise

First published at ITS World Congress - October 23, 2019

RYTLE Tushar Desai-6201Tushar Desai of Rytle

Rytle is displaying the MovR, a pedal-electric cargo tricycle designed as a last-mile delivery solution, at its booth during ITS World Congress. This courier vehicle can carry 200kg or 2m3 of cargo – and includes a detachable box on wheels for “last-metre” delivery. Around 300 MovRs are currently deployed in more than 35 locations in Europe, with the German firm predicting: “Asia is next.” The MovR is designed to ensure access to the end customer as “downtown logistics” become more complex, says Rytle says. It is now incorporating various Internet of Things sensors into its hardware, giving customers live-tracking of asset/cargo location and quality (an important factor with perishables), while providing cities with data that could help with infrastructure management.

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