Hitachi’s ZX65USB-6 mini excavator works harder with less fuel

First published at bauma - April 15, 2019

Think small: The ZX65USB-6 mini excavator is ideal for rental, utilities, foundation work, landscaping and indoor demolition or construction projects

Good things come in small packages, such as Hitachi’s new Zaxis-6 series model ZX65USB-6 mini excavator.

The new Zaxis-6 model can be used with a variety of attachments. This makes it ideal for rental, utilities, foundation work, landscaping and indoor demolition or construction projects, according to Hitachi. It is equipped with a Stage V-compliant engine and is fitted with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for reducing NOx and a muffler filter to reduce particulate matter.

The common rail system helps the engine to run optimally, not only reducing emissions, but also contributing to fuel efficiency and reduced running costs. The ECO mode, auto idle and isochronous control features also significantly reduce fuel consumption.

like previous Zaxis-5 models, the ROPS-compliant cab of the ZX65USB-6 is spacious. It is easy to access using the entrance step and the wide adjustable sliding suspension seat is surrounded by user-friendly controls within easy reach. Hydraulic pilot levers are used to operate the front, boom swing, travel and blade.

An additional counterweight is available as an option for greater stability.

The ZX65USB-6 is also newly equipped with LED lights – two on the cab and one on the boom – and there is an optional sun visor on the front window.

The optional auxiliary function lever (AFL) is useful for various attachments such as a hydraulic breaker. It has an analog switch for extra piping and allows for smooth operation and excellent control during manoeuvres. As an option, a second AFL for additional piping is available.

Ease of maintenance is an integral part of the user-friendly design, said Hitachi. The engine and radiator covers are designed to allow easy access. More space around the fuel tank opening makes the new mini excavator easier to refuel.

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