Topcon’s sophisticated head-up display goes on show at bauma 2019

First published at bauma - April 12, 2019

TOPCON-HUD LN100Topcon’s new head-up display system offers full visualisation capabilities

Topcon Positioning is introducing its sophisticated LN-100 head-up display (HUD) system. This unit operates hands-free and is voice-activated, providing visual layout directions using the HUD glasses. The system can guide the operator when carrying out layout work at a construction site. The firm says that this wearable tool allows customers to use both hands to accurately mark layout points.

The device can use simple voice commands for its operation which allow it to complete construction layout tasks according to the firm. In addition, the unit can take pictures and videos for documentation purposes as well as to highlight key construction points-of-interest. The firm claims that its new HUD tool can speed layout productivity by up to 80% compared with conventional methods.

The wearable assistant software also allows immediate report generation while on the construction site, further speeding work.

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