MB Crusher launches new shaft screener series at bauma 2019

First published at bauma - April 9, 2019

MB Crushers-Launch of MB-HDS320 crusher-12The MD-HDS shaft screeners come with four kits for different material requirements

MB Crusher is launching the new MD-HDS shaft screener series, designed for a range of applications. The shaft screeners are suitable for earth removal, excavation, demolition, recycling, agricultural activities and landscaping.

The MD-HDS screening bucket series is available with four shaft kits for different material requirements, and the Italian company says the kits can be easily and safely changed on-site.

The RC compost kit is designed for applications including crushing drywall, brushwood and wood trusses; crushing foliage and plant wood; and composting.

The RM mixer kit is suitable for crushing drywall, asphalt, light construction debris; composting; breaking down charcoal; and soil aeration.

There is also an RE8/RE16 fine crusher kit, which is designed for screening damp soil, dry soil, and light construction debris; crushing foliage and plant wood and charcoal; crushing drywall and brushwood; composting; and soil aeration.

Lastly there is the RQ20/RQ50 medium crusher kit suitable for screening damp soil, dry soil, light construction debris; composting; and soil aeration.

Diego Azzolin, production director at MB Crusher, said that the new shaft screeners can adapt to a range of different working environments and can swiftly and easily select different types of materials, without the need for a specialist or special training.

“What professionals, companies and users want is to be able to work continuously, without interruptions for maintenance and to facilitate the processing of materials, which can be very expensive,” said Azzolin. “Over the years we have fulfilled these fundamental requirements, with innovative machines which turn waste materials into opportunities, a key element for many companies nowadays.”

The series can be installed on excavators, diggers, mini diggers and loaders (from 5 to 35 tonnes).

MB Crusher says the MB-HDS screeners are distinguished by the ability to adapt to different types of work and materials, and that it is suitable for those who need to process different kinds of waste rubble, which can quickly be turned into re-usable and profitable material.

The MB-HDS series selects and crushes excavation and demolition materials, asphalt, coal, organic materials, wood, bark and light plastics, and also enables products to be re-purposed immediately.

Azzolin said that the MB-HDS series reduces noise levels by 40%, making it possible for companies to use them in towns and historic centres, where there are different types of materials that need to be screened but both space and time are limited.

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