ContiTech highlights conveyor belt solutions range

First published at CONEXPO-CON/AGG - March 13, 2020

Cointinental-ContiClean Non Stck Belt with Conti Alert Red Strip-5 Low ResContiTech is this week showcasing the ContiClean solution

ContiTech, a Continental company, is showcasing several of its proven conveyor belt solutions aimed at maximising productivity and efficiency.

The ContiClean non-stick belt features a special unspecified chemical additive throughout the belt which prevents material from sticking, keeping quarrying, mining and other operations more profitable. Material is transported steadily as ContiClean offers claimed superior material release for everything from coal to iron ore.

The solution, which has been on the market for two-and-a-half years, is said to reduce the adhesion of moist materials such as desulpherised gypsum, ash, and wood chips. Customers can also realise additional savings by being able to replace costly cleaning systems with simpler methods such as rubber bars or brushes. These more belt-friendly systems also help prolong belt life, according to ContiTech.

ContiAlert is said by ContiTech to be the first and only conveyor belt innovation to show belt wear in real time. When it’s time to change the belt, the red bonding layer below the top cover is exposed, enabling operators to schedule replacement. This is said to create cost savings, prevents downtime and lets customers get the most out of their belts.

ContiTech Belt Monitoring helps to detect splice faults during operation and damage such as longitudinal slitting in good time. Rip detection inserts are embedded in the conveyor belt and produce a characteristic magnetic field that is used for monitoring. The solution pinpoints belt damage and shuts down production, preventing further damage and ensuring efficient and timely repairs.

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