VSS Macropaver adds telematics to its complete line-up of machines

First published at CONEXPO-CON/AGG - March 13, 2020

VSS- 12E Macropaver-4 Low ResVSS Macropaver 12E: telematics now available

VSS Macropaver now has a new telematics system available for all its machinery.

The system’s touch screen display reveals the GPS location of all machines in a contractor’s fleet, the mix ratio of material, rate of material laid down and more. “It’s the way forward,” said Doug Hogue, vice president of VSS Macropaver. “The system has been out with our own machines on jobs and is now being made available for all our customers.”

VSS is also highlighting the Macropaver 12E, a large-production slurry seal and microsurfacing unit. It features automatic start-stop materials sequencing, automatic low aggregate shutdown sensor and an anti-syphon water load system. The truck-mounted 12E has average outputs between 2.7 tonnes/minute and 3.6tonnes/minute.

Options for the 12E include a CALTRANS-approved material monitoring and control system, integrated electric load tarping system and a positive displacement variable displacement emulsion pump.

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