OilQuick and Engcon join forces on new tiltrotator

First published at CONEXPO-CON/AGG - March 13, 2020

Oil Quick-OQTR E19 Tiltrotator 4 lo resThere are five tiltrotators in the QQTR-E

Automatic quick coupler manufacturer OilQuick has joined forces with tiltrotator specialist Engcon to produce the QQTR-E series of tiltrotators. There are five models in the series to fit excavators between six and 33tonnes.

“The companies have had a close collaboration for some time, but we have now chosen to extend it further,” says Henrik Sonerud, CEO of OilQuick AB. “One can either behave like our competitors, make the decision to copy products, or one can be like us and collaborate in order to achieve success.”

OilQuick is already producing the new tiltrotators, with several consignments having left the factory.

OilQuick has also improved several safety elements of its coupler systems. First it has updated its electronic monitoring system. OQ LockSupport 2.0 has new sensors, improved wiring and completely new software. The system guides the operator through the entire attachment switching process and provides them with information via a cab panel.

OilQuick Safety Hooks (OQSH) is an addition which prevents accidents if an attachment has been carelessly or incorrectly coupled. Two hooks automatically deploy to catch the attachment in all positions. The manufacturer has also introduced a mechanical lock indicator which shows the operator whether the coupler’s locking plungers are in the locked or unlocked position.

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