Edge Innovate launches TS100 conveyor in North America

First published at CONEXPO-CON/AGG - March 13, 2020

Edge-TS100 Conveyor-3 Low ResEdge Innovate’s new 100ft conveyor packs down into a standard container

Edge Innovate is launching its new easy-to transport conveyor, the TS100, on the North American market. The 30m-long conveyor can fit into one 40ft (12m) container, to reduce the cost of exporting it, thanks to a design which enables elements of the conveyor to retract and its crawler tracks to move inwards.

“It’s an improvement on our existing 100-ft model,” explained Edge Innovate’s marketing manager Adrian Donnelly. “Our existing 100ft-conveyor was difficult to move from site to site. This makes it easier to transport.”

Northern Ireland-based Edge Innovate sells 96% of its products outside the UK and Ireland, with 60 distributors around the world. It shipped its first TS100 to a port in Japan at the end of last year, where it is used to stockpile material, although it is most likely to be used by large quarries and mines, said Donnelly.

The TS100 works to a discharge height of up to 13.2m to create a conical stockpile of 1,472 m³. The feed height can be adjusted hydraulically so that the conveyor can be paired with different crushers or screeners, while minimising the volume of dust created.

The variable speed conveyor is equipped with a 1,200mm-wide belt, with impact bed feedback as standard. It is powered by a Caterpillar CAT3.5B 86kW Tier IV Final/Stage 5 unit with an average fuel consumption of 21.8 litres an hour at 100% load.

With 4m-long crawler tracks, the conveyor can accommodate rough terrain and can be assembled in minutes, according to Edge Innovate.

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