Innovative autonomous compaction package from Dynapac and Trimble

First published at CONEXPO-CON/AGG - March 10, 2020

Dynapac-CA3500 D soil roller -1 lo resDynapac and Trimble are now jointly offering an autonomous compaction technology

An innovative autonomous compaction package has been jointly released by Dynapac and Trimble. This new soil compaction package combines Dynapac’s SEISMIC compaction system with Trimble’s guidance technology.

Dynapac’s SEISMIC system monitors ground conditions and adjusts vibration frequency accordingly, optimising both compaction and fuel efficiency. The Dynapac machines also benefit from an active bouncing control system that shuts off drum vibration when the ground reaches specification density.

Meanwhile, the Trimble technology provides automatic steering and speed control for the roller. The operator/site manager uses the machine to map the boundaries of the area to be compacted. Then, once the machine is placed in autonomous mode, the system takes over control of steering and speed. The two firms say that automating these functions helps to address operator skill gaps, while consistent speed and steering improve compaction quality.

This innovative autonomous control package utilises a Trimble platform combined with the firm’s proven positioning technology. Compaction documentation systems, such as Dyn@lyzer or Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System, work together with automatic speed and automatic steering functions, delivering full documentation of the work carried out.

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