Innovative screen sensor system from MAJOR

First published in CONEXPO-CON/AGG Preview News - February 21, 2020

0120FlexmatSensorConexpoPICMAJOR is introducing the Flex-Mat Sensor to its range of products for high-performance screening media. This vibration data measurement tool allows users to review results and fine tune a screen without shutting down the equipment. The app-controlled vibration analysis sensor allows fast readings of screen box vibrations and generates a report that can be sent or reviewed. The design also provides data without the requirement for a plant shutdown for sensor calibration.

The operator connects the single sensor to the Flex-Mat Sensor app on a smartphone before placing the sensor on one corner of the machine. The user moves the sensor to each corner of the machine and information is then delivered to the phone in seconds. Data is stored locally for and viewing in areas with cellular limitations. Once a signal is available, the information uploads to MAJOR’s cloud service where it is viewable from a web browser. Historical equipment performance data is also viewable through the cloud.

The sensor measures g-force, stroke, rpm and orbit, including lateral movement. Producers can use the data to monitor and fine tune screen box performance as well as make parameter decisions. The data can also give indications of what kind of screen media would best suit the machine. Though the sensor is not meant to serve as a diagnostic tool, the information can point to possible problems. The tool allows operators to use the results to determine whether a more in-depth technical analysis is needed.

The sensor kit arrives in professional casing and includes one sensor, instructions, a USB charging cable and instructions on how to download the Vibration app. The app is available for iOS and Android phones.

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