Kubota’s SCL 1000 stand-on tracked loader is powerful without the need for a diesel particulate filter

First published at CONEXPO-CON/AGG - March 11, 2020

Kubota-SCL 1000 2 lo resKubota Tractor Corporation’s new stand-on tracked loader is built to deliver maximum power without the need for a diesel particulate filter. “It’s turbocharged so it delivers plenty of power, but it’s below 25 hp (18.6 kW) so it doesn’t require a diesel particulate filter,” said Eric Nyblom, construction equipment business development manager for the company.

The track loader, the SCL 1000, provides 24.8 hp (18.5 kW) and pumps hydraulic fluid at a rate of 57 litres per minute, a pace that Nyblom said leads the industry in its class size.

The new SCL1000 features a wide 249 mm track that comes standard on the overall narrow, 914 mm machine. The integrated track design is engineered for durability with the undercarriage welded to the mainframe of the body. The grease track tension design includes sealed oil bath rollers for less maintenance and greater durability.

The wide track design is low impact and minimizes damage to grass and landscaping.

Kubota’s SCL1000 is engineered with cushioned loader boom cylinders and an adjustable platform suspension system that increase operator comfort. The loader comes standard with a keyless start with passcode protection, charging port and an LCD colour dash monitor that provides easy-to-read consolidated machine monitoring.

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