Longer lasting crane pads for stability

First published in CONEXPO-CON/AGG Preview News - February 20, 2020

0120DicaCranepadsConexpoPICDICA offers a range of durable products that can help boost working safety onsite

US firm DICA says that its outrigger pads and crane pads offer long life and safety for lifting applications. The firm also offers tough duty cribbing blocks and pole barriers that help to boost site safety.

The products are said to be tough and durable and able to withstand hard site use over a long period. According to the firm, its FiberMax Crane Pads overcome the lack of engineered performance, pad longevity, excessive weight and poor ROI common to many crane pads. The company says that its lightweight crane pad design is engineered for optimal load distribution and delivers better performance than conventional solutions. The lightweight FiberMax Pads help reduce set-up times and transportation costs compared to heavier steel and wood solutions. DICA’s composite crane pad design is not susceptible to material degradation due to heavy use, UV, moisture, chemicals, insects, rotting, freezing or thawing.

Meanwhile the SafetyTech outrigger pads address the issue of heavy, difficult to use, breakable and unpredictable wood outrigger pads and lesser quality plastic pads. Made from engineered thermoplastic, SafetyTech Pads are said to deliver high performance, stability, durability, and ROI.

FiberMax Pads are an extra rigid outrigger pad in a cost-effective lightweight package, built with FRP. FiberMax outrigger pads provide strength and rigidity for mobile cranes, hi-lift aerials and concrete pumpers, with high crush ratings and capacities.

ProStack Cribbing solves the problem of taking risks by using wood scraps or other non-engineered solutions as cribbing to assist in levelling equipment while operating.

ProStack cribbing blocks are made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastics, making them strong and long-lasting. Multiple interlocking methods and varying sizes provide customers with choices.

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