Trimble’s construction technology increases productivity by 130%

First published at CONEXPO-CON/AGG - March 11, 2020

Trimble-Bryn Fosburgh 5 lo resTrimble vice president Bryn Fosburgh explained key benefits technology for construction

Trimble is using ever-more sophisticated technology, data and digital assets to deliver huge efficiency gains.

According to the company’s executive vice president Bryn Fosburgh, before 2000 contractors typically increased productivity simply by scaling up the size of the equipment being used onsite. Bigger was better: “In the past we used scale to get over the problem. Now we look at technology on and off the machine to get that productivity.”

The results of this trend have been substantial. Using technology has increased productivity by 130% and has also resulted in 50% less reworking.

But the technology itself has faced barriers. Different operating systems have been hard to integrate until recently, meaning that data has been hard to access and use effectively.

“How do we allow visibility across the site?” Fosburgh said. “The operating system takes data from Trimble technology and other systems. We merge that with digital assets to produce dynamic scheduling and management tools, and we create other applications to meet (our clients’) needs … and these clients can be using Apple or Windows.

“We tie the machine operating system, and the office operating system in. By putting all this data together, we get visibility.” And effective data is crucial: “It will become the basis of our autonomy programme,” Fosburgh added.

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