Tsurumi Pump turns 40 in North America

First published at CONEXPO-CON/AGG - March 13, 2020

Tsurumi Pump- LB series-1 lo resTsurumi Pump is this year celebrating 40 years of North American market trading

This year celebrating 40 years of trading in North America, Japan-headquartered Tsurumi Pump (Tsurumi) is enjoying strong U.S. mining sector demand for its premium dewatering pumps.

Joe Ranieri, Tsurumi regional sales manager Midwest, said: “The mining market is thriving. For the past five to six years it’s been incredible. There’s also a lot of pump demand created by the big tunnelling projects going on around the country, in states including Indiana and Connecticut and cities such as St Louis. There’s a lot of water to pump out when you dig deep.

“We stock in the United States, so we have much shorter lead times. This really matters, especially in the mining and quarrying market when a customer’s pit is getting flooded and they need the pump now.”

Tsurumi’s line-up includes its best-selling HS and LB series portable pumps, as well as models equipped with agitators at the end of the motor shaft. Ideal for the construction industry, the agitators make the transmission of fluid and sand, sludge and slurry much easier and more efficient.

Tsurumi says it adopts industry-leading engineering standards on the manufacturing of its products, which results in time-tested reliability across multiple sectors. High-quality components made with durable materials such as the patented oil lifter, silicon-carbide seals, and high-chrome impellers are said to make Tsurumi pumps ideal for a wide range of jobs – from mining to industrial to residential applications.

The company’s diverse pump range also includes the GSD, KTD and GPN series agitator pumps; LH series high-pressure pumps: KRS and GS2 series high-volume pumps; and SFQ and SQ stainless-steel pumps.

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