Wirtgen’s productive new W 380 Cri road recycling machine goes on show

First published at CONEXPO-CON/AGG - March 13, 2020

WIRTGEN-W 380 CRi Cold Recycler-4 Low ResEffective road recycling from Wirtgen

Wirtgen is offering a highly productive road recycling machine in the shape of its new W 380 Cri model. According to Mark Stahl, director recycling products for Wirtgen America: “It’s designed for recycling.”

The machine offers improved performance over earlier designs, with a new delivery system for the drum that is said to be more efficient. The machine drives the tanker truck in front using a pushbar. The machine also features an MCS system that allows the user to change the cutter drum quickly. Although it can recycle a 3.8m-wide strip as standard, changing the drum allows the machine to recycle widths of 2.5m or 3.2m.

The machine uses an up-cutting motion. The redesigned cutter drum means that the machine can recycle a road to a depth of 330mm, allowing it to reach the road base material and remove any reflective cracking that may have spread through the asphalt layer.

It can also be used for milling by running it in the opposite direction, providing the necessary up-cutting action. He continued, “We’re starting to see more demand for road recycling.” For the recycling train, the recycler would typically be followed by an asphalt paver and two double drum rollers, with a pneumatic roller to deliver the final finish.

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